Learners are authentic.
Learners are relevant.
Learners are complex.

Everyone’s a learner.

Our mission is to co-create authentic and relevant experiences that foster complex learning for educators and students.

Are you ready to empower students through project-based learning, problem-based learning, design thinking, challenge-based learning, inquiry-learning, STEM, or other student-centered resources? Do you need support in early childhood education, elementary, middle, high, or collegiate level coursework? Are you a rural, suburban, urban, or international school?


Project ARC Authors

Project ARC offers you…

Community Support Mapping™ (CSM)

Community and industry  partner network thinking to support student and teacher learning

Assets Inventories™ (AI)

Competency-based network learning grounded in classroom practice and organizational leadership design

Tailored Professional Learning Inquiries™ (TPLI)

Personalized professional development for co-creation of project-based learning, design thinking, and inquiry-learning models


School leader coaching and consulting in innovative school design and strategic implementation


Virtual teacher coaching and support for authentic learning experiences including learning environment design, PBL, personalized learning, design thinking, and other student-centered learning

Author Series and Keynotes

Authentic Learning Experiences: A Real-World Approach to PBL, Developing Natural Curiosity through Project-Based Learning, and Unprepared for What We Learned: Six Action Research Exercises that Challenge the Ends We Imagine for Education

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