The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) focuses on longer term arcs of professional learning because few teachers are able to implement or sustain authentic, relevant, and complex learning experiences after participation in a two or three day standardized workshop. Our 30 years’ experience working with a variety of organizations reinforces those concerns about traditional professional development.

Teachers, school leaders, and community partners want something better. So at Project ARC we worked and learned alongside our school partners to  develop a series of field-tested interventions that work to move educators and school leaders along personal and personalized professional learning arcs.

Community Support Maps™

Successful school partnerships require more than simple identification of local experts, guest speakers and project partners.

Project ARC facilitates  deep investigations on a local level to establish community and industry  partner network thinking to support student and teacher learning that meet the content standards in a relevant and meaningful way.

Assets Inventories ™

Project ARC partners with schools to develop assets- and competency- based network learning grounded in classroom practice and organizational leadership design.

Project ARC facilitates Classroom observations are conducted with leadership teams to ground the learning in existing, positive classroom practice in order to build capacity and growth.

Tailored Professional Learning Inquiries ™

At Project ARC professional learning begins with unique questions related to successes  identified in the Assets Inventories™ well before the service is provided.

Project ARC develops Personalized professional development that supports co-creation of project-based learning, design thinking, and inquiry-learning models appropriate to each school community.

ViTAL Coaching ™

Workshops rarely afford teachers the professional learning they need to effect a successful change in classroom practice.

Project ARC uses Zoom video conferencing to provide virtual teacher coaching and support for authentic learning experiences including learning environment design, PBL, personalized learning, design thinking, and other student-centered learning.

VirAL Coaching ™

School leaders  require the space of permission to introduce probing questions that generate the answers they need for their schools.

Project ARC uses Zoom video conferencing to provide school leader coaching and consulting in innovative school design and strategic implementation.