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Share and create personalized opportunities that enhance your best instructional practices with a Project ARC Community Asset Inventory™:

Teachers desire to learn from one another and we know it’s often hard to find the time to make that happen. We visit your schools, get to know you and your community partners, and inventory best practices of instruction and classroom culture. Project ARC Community Asset Inventories create a resource that empowers teachers to learn from one another. Whether across grade levels and departments to create new opportunities for grade-level integrated projects or vertical integration over several grade levels, seeing all the assets in your building is the Potential Difference.

Design and implement a Project ARC Tailored Professional Development Investigation™ to promote personalized professional growth:

Teachers want professional development to directly address their questions and needs. No matter what methods, curriculum, or instructional programs our partners use, Project ARC facilitators use Community Asset Inventories to design TPDIs. Empowering teachers with authentic, relevant, and complex professional development is the Potential Difference that allows our partners to level up their teacher practice.

Match and connect teachers with a Project ARC Thought Partner for long-term teacher satisfaction:

Teachers want to grow, but may need to go beyond the support of their local thought partners. Project ARC facilitators have made many informal matches between teachers. Our partner teachers experience personalized professional growth by connecting to other teachers around the globe: a Potential Difference in sustaining their growth. We are currently enhancing a new in-school matching component to our TPDI’s and beginning the development of an app for our global partner matching process.